Wishful thinking: Brokers predict 2022’s top headlines

Wishful thinking: Brokers predict 2022’s top headlines

If the pandemic were to magically disappear on 12/31, what news would benefits advisors like to see make headlines in 2022?

By BenefitsPRO Editors 

Back on track

Multiple studies have demonstrated that when the pandemic hit, people delayed critical preventive health care, and many continue to do so. Moving into a 2022 without COVID-19, it would be great to see everyone get back on track with their health and well-being and get the care they may have put off for the past 18+ months. Ideally, this would start with biometric screenings to measure any changes since early 2020. Along the same lines, I would envision a surge in wellness and related program utilization as we now have even more capabilities than we did pre-pandemic to personalize employees’ experiences to get the right content and care for their health and well-being goals.

Marcia Otto, vice president, product strategy, Health Advocate

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