Health Advocate Launches Quality Connect Provider Match to Connect Employees with High-Quality Providers

Health Advocate Launches Quality Connect Provider Match to Connect Employees with High-Quality Providers

Digital solution enables search and selection of high-value providers

Health Advocate, a leading provider of health advocacy, navigation and integrated benefits programs, announced today the launch of its new Quality Connect Provider Match digital solution that enables members to locate high-quality, in-network providers that deliver the highest value care.

Using Quality Connect Provider Match, members can conduct provider searches on their own, 24/7, or work with Health Advocate’s award-winning Personal Health Advocates to provide personalized assistance with their search. Additionally, the Personal Health Advocate can schedule appointments and arrange for the transfer of medical records, as needed.

The solution leverages a massive data set of provider performance, quality and cost data, including billions of medical claims covering nearly all practicing physicians in the U.S., and 95 percent of all U.S. covered lives. This data is used to calculate quality scores in accordance with guidelines from various professional organizations. Quality Connect Provider Match also utilizes third-party, nationally recognized sources of provider performance and quality data. Cost of care information is based on paid amounts from national claims databases, or payer-provided, machine-readable plan-specific fee schedules.

“Employers continue to pursue efforts to improve quality of care and outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance the overall healthcare experience,” said Abbie Leibowitz, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Founder and President Emeritus, Health Advocate. “Consumers need information on both quality and cost to select high-value providers. Our newly-designed, comprehensive solution leverages some of the most extensive data sources to ensure employees and their family members have the information they need to make knowledgeable decisions about their care. Connecting members with high-quality providers leads to better outcomes and more cost-effective care, benefiting both individuals and their employers.”

By incorporating a wide range of quality indicators, Quality Connect Provider Match provides members with key information to select a high-quality doctor, hospital or other facility based on quality, cost, patient satisfaction, network participation from more than 2,000 networks, and personal preferences. Key capabilities of Quality Connect Provider Match include:

  • Search for in-network providers by name, specialty, condition or medical procedure
  • Compare real-time out-of-pocket costs and quality information for hundreds of medical procedures and services, nationwide
  • Health Advocate’s “Quality Match” designation indicating top providers in their specialty based on a combination of board certification, Overall Outcomes Quality Score, Overall Cost Effectiveness Score and Patient Satisfaction
  • Compatible with No Surprises Act and Transparency in Coverage regulations, Quality Connect Provider Match can support your organization’s compliance

Quality Connect Provider Match is fully integrated with other Health Advocate solutions to provide support and assistance for members connecting with providers and taking the next steps to improve their health. To request a demo or more information, please call 866.799.2655, or email us at