Controlling Healthcare Costs That Can Lead to Debt

Controlling Healthcare Costs That Can Lead to Debt

Medical costs are high, but our experts know how to save.

Your health is priceless. Unfortunately, healthcare is not. talked to multiple personal finance experts about healthcare costs: what they think you should know, what hacks they’ve learned, how you can pay off medical debt, and more. Here’s what they had to say and how you can use their advice to avoid medical debt.

Prioritize preventative care

It may seem counterintuitive: Go to more appointments so you can spend less money. But keeping up with regular check-ups and preventive services can save you a lot later on.

Dr. Arthur “Abbie” Leibowitz – HealthAdvocate

“By being proactive with your health, you can help avoid more serious and costly issues further down the road.”

Ask if there are exceptions for self-pay

When a provider knows you’re paying for yourself, they’ll often provide an immediate discount. They would rather you pay what you can than nothing at all, so be honest. Ask if they have a self-pay discount, and if they don’t, ask if they can work something out with you because you’re paying out-of-pocket.

“If you’re paying out of pocket for a procedure, just ask for a discount. Hospitals, doctors and test labs may be sympathetic – or just realistic – when they realize insurance won’t be footing the bill,” says Leibowitz. 

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