Product Spotlight: Enrollment Advocate

Product Spotlight: Enrollment Advocate

Product Spotlight: Enrollment Advocate

Enhanced Support for Employees During Open Enrollment

Helping employees understand major benefit changes presents a challenge to an overextended HR staff. Our trained benefits specialists can step in to ensure that all of your employees understand the ins and outs of their coverage before the enrollment deadline so they can make the best choices. Serving as a primary resource for benefit-related questions, our benefits unit frees up your HR department to focus on other important priorities. We handle the high-volume calls and provide employees with confidential help to make confident decisions based on their individual situations.

Program features:

  • Provides personalized help from trained benefit specialists, knowledgeable about the specific details of the plan offerings
  • Explains details of plans in plain language
  • Educates about pre-funded health spending accounts (HSAs, FSAs, HRAs)
  • Helps employees understand costs, including payroll deductions and out-of-pocket expenses (deductibles and coinsurance)
  • Helps identify in-network providers as employees change health plans; assists with provider issues
  • Addresses specific issues, such as pre-existing conditions
  • Assists employees as they consider and evaluate voluntary benefit programs
  • Offers appointment scheduling service available for employees to consult directly with a Health Advocate benefits expert at a time that works best for them
  • Provides direction to enrollment tools including explaining the process to enroll in selected benefits
  • Is seamlessly integrated with all Health Advocate services
  • Assists with any clinical issues affecting the employee’s decision regarding a new health plan
  • Helps locates in-network doctors and hospitals available in plan options

Key benefits for employers:

  • Reduces employee confusion and frustration
  • Promotes better understanding of all plan options
  • Increases acceptance of high-deductible health plans
  • Supports the introduction of new benefits, changes
  • Educates employees about plans that may meet special needs
  • Minimizes administrative tasks
  • Supports better plan selection, leading to lower costs
  • Ensures that all key dates and requirements are properly communicated
  • Seamlessly integrates with all Health Advocate programs – employees can receive personalized help to find doctors, make appointments, and get assistance with other healthcare and insurance-related issues

Key benefits for employees:

  • Clearly understand plan options from a knowledgeable, unbiased expert
  • Easy access to one-on-one help—no limit on call duration and call-backs
  • Information held strictly confidential
  • Can easily be connected to a Personal Health Advocate for help with healthcare and insurance-related issues


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