Tailored communications that help people get recommended medical tests and screenings

Early intervention and engagement is the key to preventing disease, controlling complications and reducing costs. Our Personalized Health Communications program uses data analytics to create customized communications for both the general population and those with specific diseases. The communications are designed to encourage the timely use of cost-effective medical services and compliance with “best practices” management for disease-based care – resulting in better outcomes and lower costs.

  • Data-driven healthcare analytics stratify employees by age, gender and chronic disease
  • Analytics use medical, pharmacy claims, lab data and utilization information
  • Confidential, customized messaging emphasizing prevention strategies reaches all of your employees
  • Application of machine learning protocols that adapt to clinical changes in health status
  • Timely, condition-specific messages emphasize the importance of doctor visits, evidence-based tests, screenings, medications
  • Ongoing preventive and condition-specific reminder messages throughout the year
  • Information to promote healthy lifestyle changes
  • Integrated with all Health Advocate programs
  • Option to add outbound calls

Did you know?

With better health, adults are more productive and at work more days.

Preventing disease increases productivity—asthma, high blood pressure, smoking and obesity each reduce annual productivity by between $200 and $440 per person.*