Personalized guidance to the right care and treatment

The Health Advocate Expert Medical Opinion Program is an optional enhancement to our comprehensive Health Advocacy service. Led by an experienced team of physicians and nurses, it offers unique, concierge-level guidance to the right medical experts for in-person and remote second opinions, helping to ensure the accuracy of diagnoses and treatments and the use of best-in-class care.

Our dedicated clinical team will coordinate and manage the entire second opinion process, including finding the right specialists to meet each individual’s unique care needs. The team will:

  • Perform a detailed clinical intake including the employee’s medical history and treatments to date
  • Utilize our Perfect MatchSM Physician Locator service to search over 58,000 Academic Centers and Centers of Excellence, to connect employees to the right world-class specialists
  • Coordinate second opinion visits (in-person or remote) and facilitate the transfer of medical records
  • Provide end-to-end care coordination including ongoing collaboration with treating physicians, pre-visit testing, post-appointment follow up and in-hospital and treatment decision support
  • Provide comprehensive reporting on medical outcomes, cost savings and ROI

The program also incorporates advanced data analytics and a multi-channel communications approach to address individual health risks and close gaps in care, and the cost of any remote opinions is included in the program fee.

With the majority of second opinions resulting in significant changes to diagnoses and/or treatments, the Expert Medical Opinion Program is key to improving employee health outcomes and reducing costs relating to all conditions, including rare, complex and potentially life-altering cases.

Did you know?

Second opinions often reveal simpler, less expensive or more effective treatment options.