Supporting our EAP+Work/Life Members and Clients

Our EAP+Work/Life solution takes a “whole person” approach that fully identifies an employee’s problem and delivers emotional support at the right time, through human touch and smart technology – maximizing productivity and reducing mental health costs.

Member Stories

+Substance Abuse

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Julia was taking medications prescribed by her primary care doctor to treat depression and anxiety.

Whenever stress mounted, she found herself taking more medication than prescribed, but was unable to stop.

Julia called Health Advocate. Her Personal Health Advocate:

  1. Conducted a detailed intake to assess the extent of her prescription abuse, including how much medication she was taking when stress mounted
  2. Explained the dangers of over-medicating and offered strategies to help her manage stress in a healthier way
  3. Scheduled a series of check-ins to keep her accountable to her prescribed dosage
  4. Connected her to a reputable substance abuse specialist for ongoing treatment and medication management support

+Mental Health Virtual Support

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Patricia was going through a difficult divorce, which was causing her to lose sleep at night.

At work, she could barely function and was worried she was going to lose her job.

She logged in to the Health Advocate website’s EAP portal to find a counselor. After reviewing her options, Patricia:

  1. Selected the Virtual Support behavioral health platform to locate a licensed counselor
  2. On the confidential intake form, indicated that she preferred video counseling with a female counselor who has expertise in relationships
  3. Reviewed the credentials of several providers, and secured a virtual session with the one she preferred for the following day
  4. Patricia appreciated the ease of Virtual Support to connect her to a licensed counselor with the right qualifications, so she could get the help she needed

+Chronic Pain, Anxiety

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After years of unsuccessful treatments for chronic back pain, Michael was referred to a spine surgeon who recommended a spinal fusion to improve his mobility and quality of life.

When his insurance company denied the procedure as “unnecessary,” Michael had a severe anxiety attack.

He called Health Advocate. His Personal Health Advocate:

  1. Completed a detailed intake including his medical history and treatments to date
  2. Contacted his insurance company, resulting in the denial being overturned
  3. Answered his questions and helped him prepare for the procedure
  4. Sensing anxiety, connected Michael to a Health Advocate EAP Professional for more help
  5. Michael’s procedure was successful, and he described Health Advocate’s support as “life changing.”

Client Stories

+Disruptive Event Management – Employee Death

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When an employee was tragically killed in a biking accident, a client needed immediate help to support and communicate to the organization.

With multiple locations, logistics were also a challenge.

They called Health Advocate. Their Disruptive Event Management Team:

  1. Dispatched a licensed counselor to the worksite within 24 hours
  2. Developed a customized strategy to address the client’s concerns
  3. Coordinated and provided multiple individual and group onsite counseling sessions in three locations
  4. Provided support materials and reinforced the availability of the EAP to employees
  5. Having onsite counseling was key. “Employees really appreciated our company for providing these services.”

+Management Assistance Program – Absenteeism

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Monique noticed Andrea, her top performer, suddenly calling out sick, leaving early and frequently absent from her desk, impacting her assignments.

When she spoke to Andrea on several occasions, she sensed there was a much greater problem behind her performance issues, which were impacting the entire unit.

Monique called the Health Advocate Management Assistance Program for guidance. Her Health Advocate Specialist and EAP Care Manager:

  1. Gathered all relevant information, including the employee’s name and reason for the referral to the EAP program
  2. Conducted the clinical intake and ensured Andrea signed the Consent Form, enabling Health Advocate to communicate with Monique
  3. Confirmed with Monique that Andrea had engaged with Health Advocate and begun EAP counseling sessions, and provided updates
  4. Andrea’s performance began improving after a few weeks; she opted to continue with counseling for ongoing support with a challenging personal issue

+Disruptive Event Management – Workplace Accident

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A subcontractor was killed when he accidentally fell from a structure on a large construction site.

Many people were traumatized by witnessing the event.

They called Health Advocate. Their Disruptive Event Management Team:

  1. Dispatched a licensed counselor to the worksite the following morning
  2. Provided individual and group counseling sessions to impacted employees
  3. Reinforced the EAP as an ongoing resource for follow-up needs
  4. Supported other subcontractors by directing them to their own employers/EAP
  5. Health Advocate was a key partner throughout the process to help employees navigate a very difficult situation