When times are tough, we’re always at your side How we help with COVID-19

Navigating the New Normal

The path to the new normal will be personal and different for everyone.

People will need help navigating the new normal, either today, tomorrow, or in the future. Our experts will be there to guide them and help them make sense of it all.

Every step of the way - guidance and support for your organization and your people

Expert Clinical Guidance

All to help the employee take the right steps

  • Conduct detailed intake
  • Discuss symptoms and clarify infection risk
  • Connect to the right providers, including telehealth
  • Help make the appointment/transfer medical records
  • Answer questions about diagnosis testing
  • Point to CDC guidance

Go-to Benefits Support

Answers so employees can focus on being healthy

  • Review/clarify policies and benefits, including government assistance
  • Give guidance on out-of-pocket costs
  • Check medical bills and claims for accuracy

HR Assistance and Resources

Expand your reach so everyone is supported

  • Answer benefits and eligibility questions
  • Connect to the right resources
  • Keep your team up to date on changes as they happen
  • Provide educational materials vetted by our Medical Directors

Emotional Support and Life Resources

Total anytime, anywhere help for peace of mind

  • Discuss emotional wellbeing, depression, stress, and coping skills including survivor support
  • Consult on how to support the educational and emotional needs of children
  • Provide tips to stay focused and productive
  • Provide guidance for chronic and acute medical issues for children with special needs
  • Guide to the right resources – EAP, government, and community

Ready for what comes next

Many people will need to seek treatment. We will be ready to help guide them through recovery and everything that comes with it, including navigating billing issues and out-of-pocket costs.

Let us know how we can help.