Client Case Studies

  • Impacting Medical Costs and Outcomes, Using Integration and Data

    A school association wanted to lower overall healthcare costs and improve employee health and well-being, and to obtain comparison results.

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  • Tailoring wellness programs to unique needs and goals

    Limited activities, delays in reporting and low employee participation caused a large school system to reevaluate their health plan’s wellness program. Challenges included engaging employees across more than a dozen locations and finding a program that resonated with the organization’s goals.

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  • Simplifying benefits to increase employee engagement

    Restructuring for growth initiated an evaluation of employee benefits for a leading national provider of consumer health and home care electronics technology. Challenges included a fragmented benefits offering provided by multiple non-integrated carriers and vendors, as well as an employee population that was confused and unengaged in their benefits and programs.


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I called late at night because I felt my husband was having a heart attack, but he wouldn’t agree to go to the hospital. You convinced him to go, and the doctor who treated him discovered he had 99% blockage and needed to have an emergency stent put in. I want say thank you, you really helped save his life. He would probably have gone back to work, instead of to the hospital, if it weren’t for you. You’re one of those angels that every now and then we have to reach out to, and you answered the call! Thank you.

— Health Advocate Member

Real People, Real Results

Support after a cancer diagnosis

Peter was diagnosed with brain cancer and told the only treatment option was chemotherapy. He called Health Advocate to find out if he should explore other options.

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Preparing for an upcoming surgery

Brian needed his insurance company’s preauthorization for an upcoming surgery, so he called Health Advocate for help.

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Working with a wellness coach to get healthy

Emily reached out to Health Advocate for help losing weight, managing type 2 diabetes, and lowering her HbA1c.  Since working with a Coach, Emily has lost 18 lbs, lowered her blood sugar levels, and is 5 pounds away from meeting her 100 pound weight loss goal!

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Kicking the tobacco habit

For as long as he could remember, Charles was a two-pack-a-day smoker. He made numerous attempts to quit, but just could not break the habit. When his employer initiated a tobacco-free policy and offered wellness coaching to help employees stop smoking, Charles called Health Advocate.

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Shopping around for an MRI

With breast cancer common in her family, Nancy was told she needed a breast MRI after receiving irregular results on her annual mammogram. Nancy logged on to Health Advocate’s Health Cost Estimator+ pricing tool to compare prices so she could get the best rate and lower her out-of-pocket costs.

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Taking control of asthma and high blood pressure

When Billy signed up to participate in Wellness Coaching he was looking for support to lose weight, eat better and find exercises that didn’t make him out of breath. Billy worked closely with his Wellness Coach and lost 52 pounds and 7 inches from his waist.

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Managing caregiver stress

Marian had a long history of chronic stress and recognized she needed help. With her Counselor’s help, she feels less stressed and more relaxed.

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Counseling to improve family communication

Marie’s teenage daughter was experiencing sleep loss, failing grades and behavior problems. Marie decided to reach out to a Health Advocate Licensed Professional Counselor for help.

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