West’s Health Advocate Solutions Announces First Results of Member Engagement Platform Outreach Program, Driving Engagement and Action

West’s Health Advocate Solutions Announces First Results of Member Engagement Platform Outreach Program, Driving Engagement and Action

West’s Health Advocate Solutions Announces First Results of Member Engagement Platform Outreach Program, Driving Engagement and Action

Pilot program demonstrates 54% uptake; outbound email and mobile push notifications are new standard feature of member website and app

West’s Health Advocate Solutions, a leading health concierge and benefits solutions company, announced today the first results of its outbound push notifications and emails, called Advice Alerts, over its member engagement platform and mobile app. The website and mobile app, introduced in April 2017, enable members to access all of their Health Advocate services in one place, seamlessly connecting them to experts and resources to help them get the information and assistance they need to navigate the healthcare system, access care and improve their health. With the addition of the Advice Alert push notifications and emails, Health Advocate is able to more effectively communicate with members wherever they are and drive both engagement and positive behavior change.

Since Health Advocate’s new member platform and app was launched, Health Advocate has identified more than 20 million member-specific Advice to help users take steps toward better health. With the new Advice Alerts, members instantly know when a new Advice has been identified.

Through Advice Alert communications, members receive personalized Advice about actions they can take to improve their health and reduce their medical spend, sent via their preferred communications channel (web, app, email or mobile push). Additionally, Personal Health Advocates can also view and coach on Advice when members call for assistance or information. These high-touch notifications leverage machine learning to identify opportunities based on claim, demographic, personal health profiles, biometrics, surveys, and online behavior data, among other sources.

“Organizations are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to engage employees in their health and benefits,” said Marcia Otto, Vice President, Product, for West’s Health Advocate Solutions. “The Advice program utilizes a balance of the latest data-driven technology with the personal touch Health Advocate is known for, meeting people where they are and encouraging them to take action.”

During a recent pilot program of the outbound push notifications and emails, 54 percent of Advice Alert recipients took action in the first week alone by visiting the Health Advocate member platform or calling a Personal Health Advocate for more information. As with the Health Advocate member platform, the Advice Alert communications are HIPAA-compliant to protect individuals’ privacy while encouraging engagement and behavior change. Members receive an Advice Alert each time a new Advice has been identified in their member platform, driving them to visit the website or app, or call a Personal Health Advocate, to learn more and take action.

Currently, nearly 3,000 unique Advice categories are available through the platform, including prescription adherence alerts, preventive screening reminders, relevant wellness workshops, follow-up appointments, and many more, with new Advice being added continuously. Each is tailored to the specific individual based on their specific background, preferences and needs.

The goal of the Advice communications is to provide Health Advocate members with actions they can take to address their health and well-being, including reaching out to a Personal Health Advocate to help them schedule an appointment, identify an appropriate provider, understand alternative treatments, and more.

First time app downloads have rapidly increased more than 250 percent since Health Advocate’s new member website and app were introduced last year, with unique website/app visitors increasing 86 percent. Additionally, overall utilization and visit numbers have both grown. During the Advice Alert pilot program, nearly 2,500 members received alerts, and the program will soon be expanded to all Health Advocate members who have registered on the member platform and app.

To request a demo of the platform or Advice Alert notifications, or for more information, please call 866.799.2655 or email us at: info@HealthAdvocate.com.

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