Health Advocacy is the heart of what we do.

When an employee or family member has a healthcare issue, they reach out to us. Immediately, a compassionate Personal Health Advocate will begin working to make sure their questions or concerns are addressed. But we don’t stop there. It’s this interaction that allows us to take the next steps to fully engage people in their health and well-being.

We help people make the right healthcare decisions and then lead the way.

Medical issues are rarely isolated. That’s why we take a 360-degree view of each person. We use our interactions as an opportunity to ask the hidden questions and direct people to the help they need. For example, a medical concern could also have claims/billing components, wellness, or stress-related impacts as well.

Health Advocacy makes it easier to integrate with any benefit — seamlessly.

Our Health Advocacy service serves as the integrator for all healthcare and benefits needs. Our Personal Health Advocates will direct people to other experts on our team or we will coordinate with your benefit vendors to create a seamless transition.

Customization meets the unique needs of your organization.

Our customers are located throughout the United States and represent all sizes and industries with different health needs. Some clients want one or two of our solutions, while others want to focus on an integrated solution to eliminate the headaches and expense of managing multiple vendors. Either way, we will drive engagement across benefit offerings, whether Health Advocate or a third party.

We work with 20% of Fortune 500 companies and 12,500 other organizations nationwide.

It's time to get the benefits and results you and your employees deserve.