we make healthcare easier

Simplifying and personalizing the healthcare experience.

Navigating healthcare takes a human touch, data-driven health insights and technology that engages.

Health Advocate has been helping Americans navigate the complexity of the healthcare system for over 16 years. We offer a full range of clinical and administrative services as well as behavioral health and wellness programs supported by medical claims data science and a technology platform that drives people to engage in their health and well-being.

The result: Improved health outcomes, reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, and lower costs.

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A personalized experience motivates people to take charge of their health.

Our award-winning, best-in-class team of compassionate health and medical experts knows the healthcare system inside and out and motivates people to take an active role in their health. We work with each member to meet their unique needs. Employees simply reach out to us when they have an issue and we take it from there.

Data provides insight. Insight helps us guide and coach.

Using your claims, biometric and other data we will uncover health risks and gaps in care within your population – enabling us to customize and target outreach while empowering our experts to coach your members at the point of contact.

Engaging people anytime requires an anywhere experience.

Through our mobile app, we make it easier for your employees to engage our experts, participate in and track healthy activities, earn incentives, check case status and more, right at their fingertips — it’s a Personal Health Advocate in the palm of your hand.

Health Advocate in Action

Client Case Study

Providing a single point of contact to increase engagement

The benefits division of a national provider of healthcare services was experiencing multiple challenges including a large, diverse population made up of union, non-union and Managed employees who were struggling with complex benefit offerings with multiple variations and different carriers.

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Member Success Story

Support after a cancer diagnosis

Peter was diagnosed with brain cancer and told the only treatment option was chemotherapy. He called Health Advocate to find out if he should explore other options.

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Member Success Story

Preparing for an upcoming surgery

Brian needed his insurance company’s preauthorization for an upcoming surgery, so he called Health Advocate for help.

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Client Case Study

Employer dealing with an impaired employee

A hospital administrator contacted Health Advocate for help with a nurse suspected of being impaired and not providing quality care to patients.

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Workplace Wellness Summit

Join Health Advocate at our Workplace Wellness Summit to learn how you can leverage the latest trends and innovations to make healthcare and wellness easier for you and your employees, enhance your benefit offerings, engage your employees in making lasting behavior changes, and improve your bottom line.

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2017 Solutions Webinar Series

When you make healthcare easier, people take charge of their health.
It takes the right hands-on help, personalization and smart technology.

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