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From day-to-day challenges to a sudden critical event, our Care Managers compassionately help employees with personal, family and work-related concerns, so they feel more supported and able to perform at their best, 24/7.

Helps balance personal and work/life demands

Reduces need for costly mental health services

Improves productivity; decreases turnover, absences and labor disputes

Source: Milenkovic, M (2019, September). 42 Worrying Workplace Stress Statistics. Retrieved from

Problem solving for personal, relationship and work issues

  • In-person, telephonic, texting and video counseling
  • Help for stress, anxiety, depression, family issues, substance abuse and more
  • Referrals for long-term counseling or specialized care
  • 24/7 Help Hotline

Support for Supervisors and HR

  • Sensitive employee issues; conflict resolution
  • Critical incident events
  • Disability management

Help achieving work/life balance

  • Locate childcare, legal and financial experts, and more
  • Website and mobile app resources:
    • Webinars, articles
    • Budgeting, loan, mortgage and other calculators

Friendly awareness communications

  • Emails, posters, flyers, monitor screens and more
  • Monthly electronic member newsletter
  • News alerts

Ask the Expert

Stress in the workplace

Whether stemming from work issues or their personal lives, most employees will experience stress at some point in time, and the impact can be detrimental to the organization. See how employers can take steps to more effectively understand and manage employee stress at work.

Member Story

"It felt like the end of the world. I know now that it wasn’t… help is available if you just reach out."

Capabilities 1

When his wife was laid off, Tim felt helpless and worried for the future

  • Without a second income (and with poor money management skills), Tim was concerned that their bills could force them into bankruptcy
  • The strain was also affecting his performance at work and his relationship with his wife and kids

He called the Health Advocate Employee Assistance Program. His Licensed Professional Counselor:

  • Set up group counseling sessions to discuss strategies to help Tim and his wife communicate more effectively about money
  • Suggested some proven stress management techniques he could try
  • Connected him with a local financial specialist for a free consultation