Expert negotiators work to lower out-of-pocket costs on medical and dental bills.

Anytime a member or employee has a medical bill over $400 not covered by their insurance, our skilled negotiation team will work with all providers to get a discount. Successful negotiations can save hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars. They will learn from our experts how to use their benefits wisely in the future—such as using in-network providers. Members and employees will get immediate relief and your benefits will be more effective.

  • Negotiations for uncovered medical or dental bills with a balance of $400 or more
  • Use of critical pricing trend information
  • Easy-to-read Savings Result Statement that summarizes negotiation outcome
  • Provider sign-off on payment terms and conditions

Did you know?

61% of adults surveyed who asked their doctor for a discount got one!*

*Rosen, Martin and Leibowitz, MD, Abbie. The Healthcare Survival Guide. HealthAdvocate Publishing, Inc. 2009. Print.