Health and well-being support all in one place


One phone number connects employees and their families to a team of experts who assist with a complete range of integrated clinical, administrative, behavioral health, and well-being support – all backed by the powerful insights of data analytics.

More efficient than using multiple vendors

Improve health outcomes; lower administrative and medical costs

Maximize benefits and increase engagement

Provide expert help with clinical issues

Resolve insurance and benefits problems

Coaching for chronic conditions

Engage in health and well-being

Counseling for personal issues

Provide work/life resources

Estimate healthcare costs

Multiple engagement channels

High Touch 3

Guide employees at the point of contact through phone, email, text and chat

Great Benefit

Send reminders to the home to keep health top-of-mind

Our Approach

Drive engagement on the go through our mobile app and web experience

Lowering costs and increasing satisfaction

Client Case Study: National Provider of Health Services

Health Advocate implemented a single, comprehensive, integrated health and well-being solution.

Driven by advanced health data analytics and supported on a single technology platform, the solution streamlined the employee experience and increased engagement.