Chart a course for well-being & inspire healthy outcomes


Our experts use personalized coaching, engagement practices, and online resources to help people become more engaged with their health and make lasting healthy lifestyle changes.

Increase engagement

Improve health metrics

Create healthier habits

The numbers speak for themselves:

Get one-on-one help

Unlimited access to a certified, personal Wellness Coach by telephone or secure web messaging to help members quit tobacco, lose weight, get fit, and meet other health goals

Uncover health risks

Our confidential online Personal Health Assessment questionnaire helps employees identify their health risks.

Increase member engagement

We employ a range of personalized approaches, targeted communications, fun and interactive activities and more to engage people in their health

Robust online resources available

Members enjoy health trackers, self-guided workshops, interactive challenges, seasonal campaigns, and more

Wellness Program Consultant (WPC)

Based on group size, a WPC will review your program’s effectiveness and provide ongoing support and guidance

Use incentives to motivate

Incentives keep employees motivated to make healthy changes. We support both new and established incentive plans.

Ask the Expert

Workplace Well-being

Workplace wellness programs are now widespread in the U.S., but in order to engage employees, it’s important to create a well-rounded, flexible program that is personalized for each participant. See how organizations can transition from traditional wellness programs to a holistic approach that meets employees where they are in their lives and fulfills their needs.

Member Story

"Having a Coach helps me to focus on myself. It really makes all the difference."

Financial Wellness Consultants Helped Improve Productivity in Large School District

Maria worked full-time at a hospital while also caring for her mother

  • While she loved her job and taking care of her Mom, the stress was beginning to feel unmanageable
  • She knew it would help if she had someone impartial she could open up to

She called Health Advocate and engaged with a Coach for support

With her Coach’s help, Maria:

  • Identified steps she could take to relieve stress, such as taking time for activities she enjoyed
  • Committed to do one activity per day
  • Stayed accountable to her goals