Supporting our Biometric Screening Participants and Clients

Biometric screenings are a valuable first step toward motivating your employees to take charge of their health. We help people understand their health risks, leading to positive behavior changes, improved health outcomes and reduced costs.

Member Stories

+High Blood Pressure

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After getting her blood pressure taken multiple times at a Health Advocate health screening event, Debbie’s results remained extremely high.

She said she felt fine and didn’t think anything was wrong.

  1. Her Health Advocate screener advised her to call her doctor as soon as possible for a follow-up, despite feeling okay
  2. With Debbie’s results so high, her screener was concerned about her driving, so they called Debbie’s spouse to take her home
  3. Debbie saw her doctor that afternoon and was immediately put on blood pressure medication
  4. At the following year’s health screening event, Debbie’s blood pressure was in normal range
  5. Debbie’s response to her employer: “Please say a big Thank You to Health Advocate for doing what they do”

Client Stories

+Onsite Health Screening Event

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Two days before a large onsite health screening event, a client contacted us to ask a favor—could we begin the event earlier and add more appointment times?

The Health Advocate Biometric Screening team:

  1. Contacted a Health Advocate screener, who confirmed she was available that day to support the event’s increased demand
  2. Quickly updated the client’s online scheduler to reflect an earlier start time and additional appointment times

The client’s response:

“Thank you for allowing us to modify our schedule at the last minute, and for finding a second person to help with the screenings! We were able to complete 100% of our appointments at least 30 minutes ahead of schedule. You also did an amazing job accommodating everyone, including the walk-ins!”