A powerful combination of key benefits and personalized service in one integrated solution

EmpoweredHealth is the only one-stop solution for improving employee health and reducing medical costs. Supported by a single technology platform and the latest data analytics, it’s a strategic combination of advocacy, wellness, EAP and work/life assistance, chronic care support, pricing tools and decision support—all in one powerhouse package, delivered by an interdisciplinary team of experts.

Solution Features

  • A single toll-free number to call for all needs
  • One centralized, dedicated team of experts
  • Highly collaborative infrastructure
  • Targeted, personalized, multi-format communications
  • State-of-the-art technology platform
  • Advanced, integrated data systems
  • Integrated management reporting

Benefits to your organization

  • Reduces HR and administrative costs
  • Closes gaps in care
  • Improves health outcomes
  • Increases benefits utilization
  • Lower price than buying each component separately
  • Promotes utilization of network providers
  • Eases burden on Human Resources staff
  • Offers key insights into medical cost drivers

Did you know? Groups who have EmpoweredHealth experience approximately 200% more utilization than other organizations.

The EmpoweredHealth team takes an interdisciplinary, collaborative, and customer-focused approach to supporting each individual covered under your health benefits plan.

The team is staffed by dedicated professionals with expertise in a strategic cross-section of specialties including healthcare, behavioral health, wellness, chronic care support and benefits. This unique, synergistic infrastructure helps ensure that your employees are supported by the right team member at the right time. It also fosters an unparalleled level of ongoing collaboration, particularly if employees have co-morbidities or issues that cross multiple disciplines.

Best of all, each employee has access to their own Personal Health Advocate, who provides a high level of personalized service and is available for ongoing support.

The combined expertise of the EmpoweredHealth team, coupled with their highly personalized approach to customer service, allows them to act quickly to resolve issues before they turn into costly, time-consuming problems.

Start impacting outcomes and costs today.

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