Health Advocacy

Trusted support for medical issues, every step of the way

Health Advocacy provides employees and their families with confidential, one-on-one help from an industry expert who knows the ins and outs of the complex healthcare system. Our team of trained Personal Health Advocates is skilled at working with healthcare providers, insurance plans and other health-related organizations to resolve complex clinical and administrative issues. Whether it’s deciding the right course of treatment, understanding care options, or resolving a billing issue, our experts will help employees no matter what the issue — saving time, money and worry.

Full-service clinical support:

  • Explain diagnoses and treatment options
  • Support following a difficult diagnosis
  • Coordinate care for complex medical issues
  • Identify gaps in care for health coaching*
  • Arrange hospice and other services for terminally ill members
  • Coordinate benefits between doctors and insurance companies
  • Research and locate best-in-class providers for second opinions
  • Coordinate the transfer of medical records, X-rays and lab results
  • Research rehabilitation, adult day care and homemaker services
  • Locate inpatient private duty nursing and home health aide services
  • Arrange for home care equipment following discharge from the hospital

Help with administrative issues:

  • Find the right doctors, hospitals and other providers
  • Schedule tests and appointments
  • Untangle medical bills
  • Resolve insurance claims and billing issues
  • Locate eldercare services and community resources

Answer benefit questions:

  • Explain benefits coverage and resolve errors with providers and health plans
  • Locate in-network providers
  • Resolve eligibility issues and benefit/claim denials

Did you know?

Our clinical team is made up of nurses, nurse supervisors, and medical directors.

Between July 2015 and June 2016, we handled 50,000+ clinical cases.

*Based upon receipt of organization’s utilization data