A smart tool to help people make better healthcare decisions


Making healthcare decisions can be tough. MedChoice Support® is a comprehensive, convenient and interactive tool that helps employees understand their options to make wise decisions. They’ll learn the risks, costs, outcomes and even their own feelings about tests, treatments and medications. All to choose the right care at the right price.
  • Authoritative, evidence-based information about conditions, A-Z
  • Covers 150 decision topics relating to procedures, medications, tests and alternative treatments, and includes costly and high-prevalence health choices, such as surgery, diagnostic tests and medications
  • Comparative measures include risks, costs, side effects, recovery time and outcomes
  • Assessments gauge feelings and preferences to boost confidence about decisions
  • Downloadable summary to share with healthcare team
  • Help from dedicated Personal Health Advocates
  • Comprehensive, turnkey communications promote awareness
  • Convenient access, 24/7

Did you know?

Employees who make better decisions about their healthcare and treatment may be less costly, have fewer risks or complications, and experience shorter recovery times.