Help employees shop around for care and save.

Our pricing transparency solution helps employees become more effective healthcare consumers. Using medical claims data from all major health plans and employer-provided claims data, combined with engagement, machine learning, quality, cost and clinical data, Health Cost Estimator+ helps employees shop around for care.
  • Unlimited access anytime, anywhere on desktop and mobile applications
  • Advanced search engine provides real-time estimates for medical services by ZIP Code
  • Detailed breakdown of physician/facility costs
  • Estimated out-of-pocket costs based on users’ benefits and utilization
  • Hospital safety scores and consumer ratings
  • Live support from experienced Personal Health Advocates
  • Comprehensive reporting package

Did you know?

Our solution is the only one on the market that comes with unlimited support from experienced Personal Health Advocates.

Our experts will help employees with their search, answer questions, and explain benefits coverage so they can choose the best care at the best price.