The right balance changes lives

Balanced Health

Healthcare, behavioral and well-being issues are often complex and interconnected. An integrated benefit program that addresses the physical, emotional, social and financial needs of each employee ensures that you are supporting the whole person – every day.

Address multiple issues all at once

Improve employee health and increase satisfaction

Reduce costs and add value to your benefits

According to Shortlister’s 2018 Well-being Industry Prospectus,

It starts with ONE number to navigate to the right benefits, tools, and experts

Balanced Health

Personal Health Advocates help manage healthcare issues

  • Answer benefit and coverage questions
  • Coach on recommended tests and treatments
  • Identify and close gaps in care
  • Locate the right in-network providers and make appointments
  • Coordinate second opinions and transfer medical records
Balanced Health 3

Emotional and Social
Counselors provide behavioral health support

  • Telephone counseling
  • Help with stress, depression, family issues, substance abuse
  • Locate childcare, legal experts and community resources
  • Help resolving work and personal conflicts
  • Support for disruptive and critical events
  • Train managers on timely topics
Balanced Health 2

Expert help and online tools to help relieve stress

  • Support from financial advisors
  • Access to budgeting, loan, mortgage and other online calculators
  • Research and resolve claims and billing issues
  • Negotiate non-covered medical or dental bills over $400
Balanced Health 1

Help people take charge of their health

  • Digital navigation to all benefits
  • Personal health profile and online workshops
  • Mobile sync and health trackers
  • Medical decision tools and work/life resources
  • Articles, webinars, videos, recipes, tips, and more!

Member Story

"Health Advocate helped me take back control of my life."

Balanced Health 4

Jim was stressed about his financial debt and home issues after a recent illness

  • He received a large medical bill in the mail and wasn’t sure if he should pay it
  • He and his wife began to argue about their finances

Jim called Health Advocate’s single toll-free number for help

A Licensed professional Counselor:

  • Put Jim in touch with a financial advisor and several online tools including a budget calculator
  • Set up a series of counseling sessions for Jim and his wife
  • Connected him to a negotiator who was able to lower his out-of-pocket costs on the medical bill
  • Located an in-network provider so Jim could continue his care with less worry