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Workplace Wellness About Health Advocate

More companies recognize that having unhealthy employees has become a
critical burden and that wellness programs can provide an effective solution.
In response to requests from clients and other plan sponsor to learn more
about Workplace Wellness programs, we hosted a webinar and offer the
following guide, checklist and presentation.



Workplace Wellness Webinar

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Guide to Workplace WellnessGuide to Workplace Wellness
Healthy Employees, Healthy Bottom Line

The Guide to Workplace Wellness offers comprehensive research and suggestions to assist your organization with implementing a workplace wellness program as a significant solution to rising healthcare costs. These spiraling costs are fueled by increasing rates of chronic disease from diabetes to heart disease which stem from poor diet, inactivity and other unhealthy lifestyle factors. Instituting wellness programs that help employees adopt healthier behaviors can be an important way to decrease illness, absenteeism, turnover, medical claims, to increase productivity and create a healthier bottom line.

Setting Up a Wellness Program: A Checklist for SuccessSetting Up a Wellness Program: A Checklist for Success

The Guide’s companion publication entitled, Setting Up a Wellness Program: A Checklist for Success provides a step-by-step guide to initiate a business strategy geared to your workforce. Whether you choose to invest in a fullblown fitness center, online health programs, smoking cessation program, onsite biometric screenings or any other component or combination, the elements for successful participation remain the same. Following this checklist can help maximize employee utilization, reduce absences, injuries and claims and result in greater productivity and lower healthcare costs.

Workplace Wellness PowerPoint PresentationWorkplace Wellness PowerPoint Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation with featured speaker, Janine Kyrillos, M.D., a Philadelphia-based authority on workplace wellness, reviews comprehensive research about both the costs of unhealthy employees and the benefits of wellness programs. The presentation includes findings on obesity, stress, smoking and other factors that contribute to chronic, costly disease along with research on specific wellness components that effectively address these factors. Additional highlights outline the keys to planning an effective wellness strategies including incentives that boost wellness participation.