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Keep Your Members In and Competition Out
Partnering to Enhance Your Market Position
Join us on Wednesday, June 8 to discover how we connect our solutions to maximize patient engagement, close gaps in care, improve outcomes and reduce inefficiencies to help you be the network or hospital of choice.

The Game has Changed, You're Going to Need Help
We Help You Win in the New Healthcare Landscape
Join us on Thursday, June 9 to learn how we connect our solutions to help you go beyond cost reduction to improve care, member satisfaction and value.

2016 Solutions Webinar Series
Engaging employees, members and patients through multiple touch points is critical to motivate them to take charge of their health. As the nation’s leader in healthcare advocacy and assistance programs, Health Advocate’s thought leaders and special guests explore the many ways organizations can increase engagement to drive change and lower costs. Join us!

Biometric Event 2016
Join us in a city near you for our Biometric Event! You’ll get to participate in a real biometric screening and tablet demonstration, learn engagement strategies, meet our team of experts, and be eligible for a 5% discount off the 2016 standard biometric price. Admission is free, and fasting is not required for screenings. Register now!

January 13: Medicare Advantage Stars Webinar
Investing in sustainable member engagement strategies is critical in order to move the Medicare Star ratings needle and maximize bonus percentages. Join us to learn how our data analytics, clinical coaching, personalized communications, and multichannel tools extend beyond traditional outreach efforts to build relationships that result in improved satisfaction, quality, outcomes and scores.

November 11: Medication Adherence Webinar
Leverage Our Strategies to Increase Compliance
Adherence to medication therapy is a critical aspect of treatment and when medication is not taken as directed, it has profound economic and human costs. Join us for an informative webinar where we discuss our Specialized Product Support program and the various methods we use to keep patients educated, engaged and healthy while lowering the overall cost of delivering care.

September 24: Prevent Claim Overpayment Webinar
We’re turning claims recovery upside down!
In 2015 we save $650 million for our clients. Join us for a special webinar where we tell you how. Our expert speakers will describe our new approach to overpayment recovery: stop it before it happens. Learn how our state-of-the-art software, combined with the human touch, works to identify overpayments before you hit the “pay” button.

Broker Update Webinar
New Solutions that Give you the Edge
Discover the latest, cost-effective solutions designed to help brokers, consultants and other partners grow their business — and stand out from the competition.

Medicare Advantage Stars Webinar
Achieving one CMS Star higher — a 5 over a 4 — can mean the difference of millions of bonus dollars. Find out how the Medicare Advantage Stars program offers all the elements to help you achieve high satisfaction ratings, successfully close gaps in care, improve outcomes, and boost compliance to ensure the highest scores for bigger earnings. Register now to learn how we give you the edge and help you stay there!

2015 Solutions Series
We know getting employees to take control is more than giving them a phone number! Employees today are increasingly responsible for their health. As a result, they need more than one way to get the quality care and support they need to take control, become engaged, and lower healthcare costs across your organization. Health Advocate’s thought leaders and special guests explore the many ways you can engage your employee population and drive change.

Are You Prepared for a Health Crisis
How Ready is Your Organization? A public health crisis such as a contagious disease has the potential to cripple your organization if you are not prepared. In this webinar we discuss the latest information about infectious disease trends, business continuity planning, and employee communications.

Healthcare Shopping Made Easy
Join our experts for an informed look at why cost containment is essential for the future of healthcare, and how providing the right support tools improves benefit utilization and patient engagement. Our new healthcare pricing transparency program, Health Cost Estimator+, uses the latest data analytics to generate detailed cost estimates and quality scores for medical services, doctors and hospitals. Users can also view their estimated out-of-pocket costs in real-time to better support their care decisions. Unlike any other transparency tool available today, Health Cost Estimator+ is supported by a team of Personal Health Advocates, who can help guide users to the most cost-effective solutions.

Leveraging Provider Centered Analytics
This webinar will highlight a new, tailored approach to managing physician performance through the measurement of quality and efficiency across provider populations. This insight allows organizations to develop provider networks that drive behavior change, reduce deficits in care, and maximize savings.

2014 Solutions Series
This series offers cost-saving solutions to today’s most challenging healthcare issues, including how to empower effective healthcare choices, inspire good health, find the best pricing for medical services, support employees with EAP solutions and chronic care management, all through the utilization of aggregate and personalized healthcare data and a personalized healthcare team. Topics include: EmpoweredHealth, Wellness Programs and Biometric Screenings, Pricing Transparency and Data Analytic Tools, Employee Assistance Programs, Chronic Care Management, Second Opinions, and Personalized Communications.

Health Reform: Planning for 2014
In 2014, many of the major long term health reforms take effect, most notably the health insurance exchanges and employer mandates for offering affordable coverage. Presented by a team of healthcare and health reform experts, this informative session covers the status of the health reform law to date, a summary of the 2014 changes (including employer mandates and penalties), and key decision-making strategies that must be made as a result of the law.

2013 Solutions Series
Facilitated by a distinguished panel of clinical, healthcare, wellness, health informatics and employee assistance experts, these one-hour sessions are designed to help HR leaders position their organization for 2013 and beyond. Each session provides practical and actionable information to help reduce medical costs and improve employee health outcomes, including how to create and sustain employee engagement. Topics include Health Informatics, Medical Cost Transparency, Wellness, EmpoweredHealth and Chronic Care Management.

The Impact of Breast Cancer on the Workplace
Directly or indirectly, breast cancer affects everyone. A breast cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event that impacts both the employee and their workplace. But, there are ways that you can help—from simply being a good listener, to educating employees, to connecting the employee with qualified resources for support. This presentation featuring Marisa C. Weiss, M.D., founder and president of, and Bert Alicea, M.A., CEAP Licensed Psychologist and Vice President, EAP+Work/Life Services, Health Advocate, will teach you how to confront the illness in the workplace. You’ll better understand the disease, its risk factors and possible causes, treatment options and resources, as well as how you can help provide support to lessen the impact.

Domestic Violence: The Impact on the Workplace
Domestic violence doesn’t just stay at home. Its impact often extends beyond the victim, affecting their coworkers, job performance and, ultimately, their employer. The costs of domestic violence on the workplace are significant, and they can be emotional, financial, and sometimes even physical. View our seminar, Domestic Violence: The Impact on the Workplace, co-sponsored by Health Advocate and the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County (DVCCC), to help you understand the ways domestic violence impacts everyone, from the victim to the people they live and work with, as well as the strategies that can help you better understand and lessen the impact of domestic violence.

Broker & Consultant Webinar
Our seminar reviews how Health Advocate’s add-on, personalized solutions can help your clients meet the challenges of Health Reform and changes in health benefit designs. You will be introduced to our broad portfolio of solutions including Benefits Gateway+Health Information Dashboard™, Chronic Care Management™, Wellness Advocate™, EAP+Work/Life™, Medical Bill Saver™ and Tobacco Cessation™. These programs, fully integrated with our Core Health Advocacy service, will help you and your clients benefit from lower costs, compliance with Health Reform and improved health outcomes, and allow you to further showcase your value to your clients.

Sleep Deprivation: A Wake-up Call for Businesses
Employees are not getting adequate sleep. Consequences range from deadly accidents to absenteeism to the development of chronic diseases. This costs businesses about $136 billion in health-related lost productivity. View our webinar for an in-depth look at the impact of sleep deprivation and the strategies to help employees get the rest they need to perform their best and reduce costs.

Outlook for Health Reform 2011-2014
Following enactment of Health Reform, employers who provide healthcare benefits must be prepared to comply with a host of new requirements. View our seminar presentations for an insider’s view of what to expect during implementation of Reform, how it will affect your company and what you need to do to succeed in this new environment.
Broker and Consultant Services Overview
In an environment where benefits are rapidly changing, healthcare costs are continually skyrocketing, and the drain on HR is increasing, your clients are looking for solutions to help them save time and money. This webinar introduces Health Advocate’s spectrum of value-added solutions for your clients and their employees, that can help enhance benefits utilization, promote wise healthcare decisions, improve employee health and also help your clients streamline benefits administration. These fully integrated solutions provide a coordinated response across multiple issues for greater savings, and can help strengthen your relationships with clients, both large and small.
External Appeals Administration
Following the Health Reform Act's consumer protections, new regulations require self-insured plans to offer members the right to appeal a denial of benefits to an Independent Review Organization (IRO). We provide self-insured plans with a turnkey solution; support for required turn-around time, member notifications, appeals language, follow-up notice and reports.
Caregiving: The Impact on the Workplace
About a third of employees must balance their jobs with caring for a sick or elderly loved one. Caregiving-related absences, turnover, replacement, lost productivity and stress-related illness cost business an estimated $33 billion annually. Watch this webinar to learn strategies to support employee caregivers at your workplace.
Groundbreaking Solutions to Maximize Benefits
Just one number
Health Advocate Benefits Gateway™
The Benefits Gateway program extends our personalized help by providing one-on-one support to efficiently connect employees to any benefit they need, from medical, dental and prescription, to disability and even EAP benefits. At any time, employees can also receive personalized assistance for healthcare and insurance-related issues, all through the same, toll-free number.

Leveraging information
Health Information Dashboard™
The dashboard provides an easy-to-read snapshot of key information about benefits use and specific health indicators, all in one place. It’s a powerful tool that enables both the employer and the Benefits Gateway Personal Health Advocate to use the information in real time to impact behavior and evaluate programs.
new generation of integrated benefiits New Generation of Integrated Benefits
Healthcare costs continue to spiral and it’s more important than ever to have innovative solutions in place to contain them. Watch this webinar to learn about Health Advocate’s unique cost-saving programs.
Pandemic Planning Pandemic Flu Planning: The tools necessary to help you better prepare your workplace
A new flu virus (H1N1) was first detected in April 2009. According to the CDC, health professionals are concerned about the possibility that this virus could become a pandemic. To help employees avoid, or at least mitigate problems that may arise during a pandemic, businesses must take practical steps for handling an outbreak in the workplace.
Stress in the workplace Stress in the Workplace:  Meeting the Challenge
Job stress is a leading source of stress for Americans, costing businesses $200-$300 billion a year in terms of lost productivity, disability, absenteeism and presenteeism where employees are present but function below par. Workplace strategies that help employees develop resiliency are becoming a critical component of wellness programs to help lower costs.
new Pricing Tools to Help Save Time and Money Pricing Decision Support
Health Advocate has developed unique decision support solutions that combine state-of-the-art technology with our focus on personalized expertise. These solutions enable us to provide an even higher level of service to members by helping them to compare and manage costs. This represents a significant advance for members in responding to the challenges of the "consumer-driven" and high deductible healthcare environment.
Obesity in America: A Growing Epidemic. Obesity in America:  A Growing Epidemic
Obesity, an alarmingly increasing phenomenon in the U.S., is a major factor in a host of chronic – and costly – conditions from diabetes to heart disease that are correspondingly increasing. Workplace strategies that help promote weight loss can significantly lower risk factors, injuries, absenteeism and, ultimately, healthcare costs.
Workplace Wellness. Workplace Wellness
Rising healthcare costs can be significantly controlled by getting employees to change unhealthy behaviors and take charge of their health. Workplace wellness programs can help employees become healthier and help reduce chronic disease, absenteeism, injuries, turnover, and ultimately, healthcare costs.
Webinars and Seminars Pandemic:  Business and Communications Planning
Our nation, indeed the entire world, potentially faces a pandemic of alarming proportions. As health experts and government officials monitor for early warning signs and make plans for handling the public health consequences of an avian flu or related influenza outbreak, business leaders must also take steps to prepare for operating their companies under extremely challenging conditions.