Learn how health informatics is transforming the healthcare industry, by uncovering medical cost drivers and gaps in care, and fueling the development of targeted interventions that improve employee health and reduce healthcare spending.

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Get the latest on healthcare cost transparency and how powerful pricing tools, backed by personalized, expert support, can make the difference between good and significant cost savings.

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Learn how revealing unknown health risks early can generate measureable results by motivating employees to take swift action to improve their results, change unhealthy behaviors and improve their long-term health.

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This all-in-one, full-service solution is transforming benefits utilization and employee engagement in their health. Experience how this unique, one-stop solution uses data to support employees across their entire benefits experience resulting in improved outcomes and measurable cost savings.

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Learn how implementing a highly personalized, low-cost
communications program can drive employees to the right
care at the right time, significantly increasing compliance
with recommended care guidelines and producing
exceptional, long-term results.

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Support your organization’s most valuable asset with the
ongoing help of an EAP and Work/Life program. Discover
how early, professional counseling reduces absenteeism,
boosts productivity and morale and reduces healthcare

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Managing chronic conditions effectively is key to
maintaining health and controlling costs. We’ll reveal
how combining advanced data analysis with one-on-one
coaching is transforming the management of these costly

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The 2013 Solutions Series will provide valuable information to help your organization reduce medical costs and improve health outcomes.

Each session is one hour.

Abbie Leibowitz, M.D.

Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer and Cofounder, Health Advocate

Abbie Leibowitz is a nationally recognized leader in the healthcare industry and an authority on managed care, clinical management, quality assurance and medical data and information systems.

Antonio Legoretta, M.D., MPH

President, engage2Health

Antonio Legorreta is a renowned clinical researcher and health informatics authority. His work has contributed significantly to the development of real-world outcomes research, quality of care metrics and other cost-effective analysis.

Esther “Es” Nash, M.D.

Vice President and Medical Director,
Health Advocate

Es Nash is a well-regarded national authority with nearly 25 years of physician executive experience, specializing in the design and implementation of clinical wellness, decision support, incentive and other population health programs.


Arlene Singer

Chief Executive Officer, Health Advocate
Wellness Division

Arlene Singer has over 30 years of senior-level human resources and strategic planning experience with corporate leaders such as Citibank. She is cofounder of WellCall, Inc., one of the nation’s most innovative and trusted wellness providers.

Francine “Fran” Miller

President, Health Advocate Wellness Division

Fran Miller has over 25 years of experience in the fields of public health, psychology and health policy, specializing in the management of health programs and emerging trends in preventive health and wellness. She is also a cofounder of WellCall, Inc.

Norbert “Bert” Alicea

Vice President, EAP+Work/Life Services,
Health Advocate

Bert Alicea is a Licensed Psychologist with over 25 years of experience in the EAP field. Bert specializes in assisting with difficult workplace situations and is a premier trainer in the Employee Assistance field.