Second Opinion Reveals New Treatment Option

"Thank you for helping me find the perfect treatment option."

When his orthopedic specialist recommended a total hip replacement, Aaron called Health Advocate for help getting a second opinion. An executive who traveled extensively, he was concerned about the recovery time and returning to his normal routine quickly.

His Health Advocate clinical team completed a thorough intake including Aaron’s medical history and treatments to date. They also performed a detailed search using our rigorous Perfect MatchSM Physician Locator and identified an orthopedic surgeon at a leading Academic Center, then contacted the surgeon’s office to arrange  an expedited appointment and coordinated transfer of Aaron’s medical records.

The Second Opinion

After meeting with Aaron and reviewing his records, the surgeon informed him that due to his age and good physical health he was a candidate for a newer, less invasive surgical option with a much shorter recovery time.

The Results

By choosing a newer, less invasive option at a leading teaching hospital, Aaron experienced a shorter, less painful recovery period and returned to work and productivity more quickly.