Working with a wellness coach to get healthy

“Thanks so much! It's nice to have someone give me fresh new ideas!”

Emily reached out to Health Advocate for help losing weight, managing type 2 diabetes and lowering her HbA1c levels. Since working with a Coach, Emily has lost 18 pounds, lowered her blood sugar levels, and is 5 pounds away from meeting her 100 pound weight loss goal.

Emily’s two biggest challenges have been exercise and reducing unhealthy carbohydrates. She hates exercise and loves all the poor carb sources, but knows that in order to manage her diabetes making changes is a must. She developed an exercise routine that works for her and is sustainable. She learned that the best way to manage her diabetes is by cutting back on poor sources of carbs but not eliminating them altogether, and adding in healthier sources.

In addition, she started cooking her own meals at home, eating more fruits and vegetables throughout the day, and cutting back on cheese and red meat. She is very determined to reach her goal and eventually lose an additional 50 pounds!