Kicking the tobacco habit

"Two Packs a Day to Tobacco-Free!"

For as long as he could remember, Charles was a two-pack-a-day smoker. He made numerous attempts to quit, but just could not break the habit. When his employer initiated a tobacco-free policy and offered wellness coaching to help employees stop smoking, Charles called Health Advocate.

Charles told his Wellness Coach that he was determined to quit this time around. His Coach helped him identify the cigarettes he would not miss, and Charles eliminated three per day in the first week! Each week he further reduced the amount he smoked, while learning tactics to delay his smoking and overcome cravings.

After eight weeks of working with his Coach, Charles was down to five cigarettes a day. Determined to get to a point where he didn’t smoke any cigarettes, he stuck with his coaching sessions. After three months, Charles successfully became tobacco-free! He credits his coach with helping him stay accountable. To this day, his Coach continues to check in with Charles monthly to monitor his progress.