Taking control of asthma and high blood pressure

“Without my Coach I would not be where I am today.”

When Billy signed up to participate in Wellness Coaching to earn points for his incentive he was unsure of what to expect. What he did know was that he was feeling discouraged, but determined to make changes in his health. Billy weighed 250 pounds and was struggling to control his asthma and high blood pressure. He was looking for support to lose weight, eat better and find exercises that didn’t make him out of breath.

He learned to eat smaller portions, reduced his dependency on soda and cut back on high-fat, salty foods. In addition, he began to walk regularly.

Billy worked closely with his Wellness Coach and lost 52 pounds and 7 inches from his waist. As a result, his blood pressure lowered and breathing improved.

Billy recognizes it wasn’t easy to get to where he is today, but is thankful for his progress and the support of his Coach.  He plans to continue to work with his Coach until he meets his ultimate goal of losing 90 pounds.