Survey Services

Research and outreach to gather timely employee and group information

Your time is valuable. Let us do the research and outreach to gather the information you need to save money and remain compliant with government mandates.

COB Discovery

We collect, manage and report other insurance coverage information on your membership population. When identified, transmitted to the payer, and uploaded into the payer’s system, claims can then be processed correctly according to the primacy sequence. Additionally, we can investigate all past claims in the insured’s file to determine if overpayments exist.

Employer Group Size Verification – MSP

Our Employer Group Size Verification service identifies the number of employees in a group health plan in order to determine whether the plan should pay primary or secondary to Medicare.

Social Security Number Capture

Due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements*, payers must now report the SSNs of members who carry the minimal essential coverage. We can help by surveying members to capture the required information. Documentation of both outbound surveys and inbound responses are retained at our offices in the event of an IRS audit.

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*Subject to change.