Cost Containment, Subrogation, and Third Party Liability Services

Identify claim overpayments before you pay, and recover money mispaid or overpaid on medical claims.

When selecting a subrogation partner, you want to maximize your return to identify and recover the most money possible. Accent, the cost containment division of Health Advocate, has 24 years of experience, making us the most comprehensive identification and recovery program in the industry. Our complete post-adjudication, pre-payment identification and validation solution combines analytics with the human touch to identify areas of incorrect payment before the payment is made to the provider.

Program features:

  • Predictive, data-driven, integrated code edits and clinical aberrancy rules are used to identify potential mispayments.
  • Expert claims processors validate and correct mispayments before they go out
  • We work quickly and efficiently to ensure the claim disposition and payment amount are correct
  • Identify emerging patterns that help you prevent future issues— increasing recoveries and reducing costs
  • Analyze claims to identify when other sources for healthcare coverage may be liable for claim payments
  • We can even correct the claim for you
  • You only pay us if we save you money!

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Did you know? 

Clients experience 40% average cost savings

We identified, corrected and prevented $150,000,000 in overpayments for just ONE health plan

Our clients experience 40% Greater ROI pre-payment vs post-payment