Life Sciences Strategic Value Dossier

Using real-world evidence to demonstrate the value of your products

By conducting targeted and actionable research, engage2Health can create a customized Strategic Value Dossier to showcase your drug, product, or medical device at any stage of development. Our wealth of commercial and Medicare data assets provides deep insight into the patient journey and can be leveraged to convince key stakeholders of real-world product value.

Solution Features

  • Epidemiological Research – Establish the burden of disease and identify risk factors for disease incidence, progression, and adverse events
  • Gaps in Treatment – Conduct explorative and comparative real-world evidence studies to identify treatment deficiencies, identify their causal factors, and assess their current outcomes
  • Patient Registries – Manage the development and maintenance of patient registries to gather real-world clinical data pre- and post-approval
  • Product Value – Fulfill post-market commitments by leveraging retrospective and prospective data analysis to demonstrate product safety, effectiveness, and economic benefit
  • Outcomes Research – Comparative effectiveness studies to evaluate differences in patient-level health outcomes and utilization
  • Cost Analysis – Clinical and actuarial forecasting to determine real-world product impact on patient-level risk and future claims exposure