Cloud-based Clinical Data Enterprise

Unlocking the full potential of your healthcare data

Powered by engage2Health Data Analytics, we offer complex clinical data integration and advanced statistical analysis that provide you with an actionable picture of your healthcare data.  Our Clinical Data Enterprise stores information for each member in a single longitudinal record that combines all medical and prescription claims, encounters, eligibility, lab results, biometric screenings, health risk assessments, and wellness participation – empowering you to make better informed business decisions.


  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant data transfer set-up
  • Scalable automated data loading processes for all available data sources and transmission schedules
  • Complete data cleansing and monitoring
  • A single integrated, longitudinal analytical record for each member
  • Thorough third-party data validation and maintenance

Did you know?

A fully integrated data warehouse is essential for an organization’s business intelligence platform as it allows you to analyze and expand upon knowledge of current and future healthcare utilization patterns within your member population.