Disruptive Event Management

Help with the human side of recovery after a traumatic event

Our disruptive event management (DEM) services deliver a customized response to worksites impacted by any event that disrupts employees’ ability to work, such as accidents, death, reduction in staff, violence or natural disasters. We are committed to providing an objective, timely and thorough response that helps with the human side of recovery.

Solution Features

  • 24/7/365 support – same day or within 24 hours of request
  • 3,800 providers covering the United States
  • A partner for leadership to help develop an effective response plan for your company
  • Help building employee resilience and recovery, as individuals and as teams
  • Provides employees with information on self-care and coping
  • Telephonic critical incident response; onsite presence if requested
  • Site management consultation
  • Educationally-focused resiliency group briefings
  • Crisis leadership consultation
  • Normalization of common behavioral and psychological reactions to the event
  • Triage for those who might need more support for recovery
  • Threat of violence (TOV) assessment – consultation to determine if an individual poses a threat
  • Workplace violence program – customized programs of training and consultation aimed at preventing and preparing for workplace violence

Program Components

Workplace Resilience

Our services include customized ongoing ad-hoc or responsive support to leadership, high-level executives and employees. These workplace resilience services help organizations mitigate risks, contain costs and position leadership in a positive light.

Absence Management

Our absence management services provide immediate or ongoing case management support focused on helping individuals return to, or stay at, work. These services help ensure that employees receive the right level of care for the incident that resulted in their absence from work.

Risk Management

Our risk management services provide proactive, responsive risk management support for organizations focused on minimizing violence in the workplace. These services help organizations plan for and manage situations that have the potential to result in workplace violence.


Did you know? 

We provide support for over 1,000 disruptive events annually. No matter where or when tragedy occurs, Health Advocate stands by ready to help.

See how we helped one client and their employees deal with a critical situation. Read the case study.