Tailoring wellness programs to unique needs and goals

Limited activities, delays in reporting and low employee participation caused a large school system to reevaluate their health plan’s wellness program. Challenges included engaging employees across more than a dozen locations and finding a program that resonated with the organization’s goals.

Solution: A robust wellness program offering a customizable incentive program and personalized support from an expert specializing in well-being and employee engagement, a Wellness Program Consultant.

The client implemented the Health Advocate Wellness Program, a total health solution designed to meet the needs of the employees and the goals of the organization.

After gaining a deeper understanding of the school system and the distinct needs of each location, a Health Advocate Wellness Program Consultant:

  • Worked with the client’s management team to develop a program with wider appeal to attract more participants
  • Designed a communications campaign to increase awareness and drive participation
  • Added incentives around health coaching
  • Offered more activities such as organization-wide challenges and workshops
  • Enhanced reporting to provide location-specific utilization statistics


Health Advocate provided a customized wellness program that appealed to employees and satisfied management’s objectives. Employee engagement increased considerably and continues to grow year after year.

  • 46% increase in coaching engagements
  • 40% increase in use of one or more features of the program
  • 300% increase in use of four or more features of the program
  • 90% increase in completed online workshops
  • 160% increase in challenge participation
  • 50% increase in health tracker usage