Helping a Member with Hypertension Stick To a Treatment Plan

Case study:

Health Advocate helped a member with uncontrolled hypertension access—and stick to—a treatment plan

The problem:

Alex, age 56, despite his history of back pain, CAD and an enlarged heart, had gone nearly 5 months with no medical or Rx claims. This indicates that he was not following a treatment plan for these conditions.

Alex then attended a Health Advocate biometric screening, where his screener notified him that he had hypertensive blood pressure. And two weeks later, Alex ended up in the ER, where he was found to have a dangerously high blood pressure of 200/100.

How Health Advocate helped:

Alex called Health Advocate and decided to participate in the Chronic Care Solutions program to help him manage his hypertension. His Nurse Coach suggested that Alex check his blood pressure twice a day, and then explained how he could do this himself. His coach also conducted a physician search to help Alex find a cardiologist.

Alex visited his new cardiologist, and over the course of three visits, he had his blood pressure medication dosage increased, his doctor added a new blood pressure medication to his regimen, and Alex got a check-up.

After three months, Alex returned to the cardiologist, who determined that his condition was well-controlled and that Alex was adhering to his medication and treatment plan.