Critical Incident Response Restored Productivity and Minimized Disruption

After a traumatic mass shooting shocked the country, a local news station contacted us for help after employees expressed that they had been negatively affected by reporting on the incident. We immediately responded by developing a customized strategy that deployed onsite counselors for management consultations and group/individual grief counseling. Within 24 hours, our experts were on site facilitating employee group discussions and grief education. Our counselors were able to help normalize employee reactions to the incident and provide individual support sessions as needed.

The Health Advocate team:

  • Helped 84 employees and managers
    – 60 employees received group counseling
    – 16 employees received individual sessions
    – Conducted 8 management consultations
  • Created an environment of caring and understanding
  • Received widespread, positive employee feedback
  • Our quick response:
    – Enabled individuals to better cope with the incident
    – Helped minimize disruption
    – Restored productivity