This webinar highlights a new, tailored approach to managing physician performance through the measurement of quality and efficiency across provider populations. This insight allows organizations to develop provider networks that drive behavior change, reduce deficits in care, and maximize savings.

Key points covered:

Overview of the methodology and scoring

See a quality and cost of care analysis based on real data

Learn how incentives can improve quality of care

Understanding preventive and recommended care, quality metrics

About Our Speakers

Abbie Leibowitz, M.D.

Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer
and Cofounder, Health Advocate

Dr. Abbie Leibowitz is a nationally recognized leader in the healthcare industry and an authority on
managed care, clinical management, quality assurance and medical data and information systems.

Antonio Legorreta, M.D., MPH

President, engage2Health

Dr. Antonio Legorreta is a renowned clinical researcher and health informatics authority who has
contributed significantly to the development of research, quality of care metrics and other cost-
effective analysis.

Kayla Coutts

Associate Consultant, engage2Health

Kayla Coutts is an Associate Consultant for engage2Health who has extensive experience in data
analytics within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, with a primary focus on physician
quality and efficiency performance.

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