Health Advocate

Member Communications About Health Advocate

Communications play a central role in helping to ensure that members are well-informed about Health Advocate. We support our clients during the installation process and provide ongoing reinforcement throughout the year. We have a comprehensive set of electronic, multimedia and print materials to support member education and awareness of
Health Advocate.

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Member Welcome Package. Printed copies of our member brochure and sample announcement memos are available to help you introduce Health Advocate. A bulk supply of these brochures will be shipped, under separate cover, to your office for distribution to employees. This brochure provides plan members with an overview of Health Advocate and describes how to use our program. A set of four wallet ID cards are enclosed in each brochure which has our Member toll-free number: 866.695.8622 and website address printed on the cards.

Orientation Video

Member Orientation Video. This 12-minute Health Advocate Member Orientation covers all of the basics to quickly understand how Health Advocate works and how our service can assist you and your employees and their families when a need arises. Also available in 2- and 6-minute versions.

Health Advocate in the News

Health Advocate "In The News" Videos. Health Advocate has been widely featured by the news media throughout the country including segments on NBC10 TV, the CBS Evening News and FOX 29. Copies of these news stories are available for use at employee meetings. They feature case studies of how Health Advocate worked to help individuals with healthcare-related problems.

Awareness Poster

Awareness Posters. We have several awareness posters, printed in English and Spanish, available for your use to remind employees about the Health Advocate service. We recommend that you initially display one version of these posters in prominent areas throughout your office(s). Periodically we will supply you with other poster versions in this series to help refresh awareness of Health Advocate. Additionally, we have “Table Tent Card Displays” available for use on cafeteria tables, workplace counters, etc.

Reminder Materials

Reminder Materials. We have developed a series of electronic reminder communications that you can send out via email to your employees to remind them about Health Advocate throughout the year. These materials are also available in a printed format for people who are not connected electronically.

Member Newsletter

Member Newsletter. Health Advocate publishes monthly member newsletters tailored to their available products. We send these electronically to plan sponsors that can then be sent to their employees via email.

Manager’s “Take-One Wallet ID Card” Pads

Manager’s “Take-One Wallet ID Card” Pads. We make available to our plan sponsors a small pad with handy reminder wallet ID cards attached. These pads are available to be given to managers and supervisors so they will have a resource at their fingertips to help remind their employees about the availability of Health Advocate.

Custom Materials

Custom Materials. We will be happy to work with you to customize our standard materials by including your organization’s logo or other special messages, for an additional fee.